sharing a few of my own walls :: it’s a winslow wall art wednesday! :: laura winslow photography




pib pinterest sharing a few of my own walls :: its a winslow wall art wednesday! :: laura winslow photographywall art wednesday3 sharing a few of my own walls :: its a winslow wall art wednesday! :: laura winslow photography

Welcome to {Wall Art Wednesday}, where I share inspiration for filling your walls with love, memories and photographs!  Be sure to check out more RIGHT HERE!


Today I thought I would share a bit of my own house and how I have used my own crazy ideas as well as inspiration from {Wall Art Wednesday} to decorate our home.  Eek! So strange to make this–as a friend termed it–“Winslow Wall Art Wednesday”! Hehe! Be sure to let me know what you think!

Here is a glimpse of four of our walls…

This is part of our staircase and I have gradually added to it as I have new photographs that I want to add. Don’t think that a photo wall always has to be perfectly planned out or complete right away! Part of the fun is having a mix of images that span different time periods!  I recently added the striped printable (an AWESOME freebie from Holly McCaig Creative that can be found HERE) and placed it inside a Fanciful Frame.  The “W” is from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted yellow–just because I thought it was a fun color!  Many of the frames are from Hobby Lobby, or IKEA, and I have mixed in word art, prints and print wraps to the wall.

This little corner is in the kiddos’ playroom and just makes me happy.  It is an image of Jack and Addie from a few years ago printed on a stunning metal print from MpixPro.  The image is printed right on the metal and it is AWESOME.  Simply perfect for this textured, rusty truck photograph.  When Jack was born, my dear friend Val gave us these colorful canvases from Red Envelope to put his hand and foot print on. I must have just sensed that I would have Addie, though, because I only used two–one for his hands and one for his feet, and the other two have Addie’s at the same age. I love it–such a special memory and right up my alley since it is so colorful.

Okay, so this is my crazy little wall in the playroom just before you get to Addie’s room.  I saw these awesome pink trays on clearance for 99 cents each as well as grey striped trays at IKEA and knew I must make some kind of frame with them! I glued on to the other, had 4×6 prints mounted on styrene from my lab and placed them on with little raised scrapbooking dots.  I affixed them to the wall with 3M Picture Hanging strips and added frames art around it.  NOTE: I think both the pink and striped trays are sold out and no longer carried at IKEA, but similar white ones are sold here or these cool purple dots that would be perfect, too.

This wall in my kitchen was inspired by a previous Wall Art Wednesday find–and is a super  fun way to disguise my thermostat! I have used favorite photos and printable wall art from all over the internet, including freebies from Becky Higgins (she has so many awesome ones!).

This little spot is on the very top of a bookshelf and has an acrylic of Jackson from MpixPro (LOVE this product!!) along with a fun little word art print.  Underneath that is my latest little project–the states where we are “from/were born”. The kids and I did them together the other week and they love to see “their states”!  SO easy as they were a freebie from HERE–she generously shares all the states!!

A shelf in our living room has framed images and a collage of standouts below, taken by my talented friend Tami Proffitt.

Thanks for taking a little peek at just some of the walls in my home! Stay tuned and you might see more walls on a future WAW! 🙂




Laura is a mother of two residing in the Arizona desert. She is fluent in Spanish and Toddler, believes that photo shoots with kiddos who love to run, climb stairs, play in rocks and giggle are some of the most fun, plans her next trip every week online (but only actually takes some of the trips), never met a container of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato that she didn’t love and has more ideas and dreams than time. Laura loves capturing that beautiful family photo where everyone is cuddled close and looking at the camera, but adores capturing the in-between, sacred moments even more.
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  • Schiavonn - Love your walls. I really like that you used a sort of neutral color for your wall and were able to make it fun with all the frame colors and word art. Love love love! Tons inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your home. :0 )

  • Laura Winslow Photography - Schiavonn, you know how to make a girl feel awesome! Mwah! Thanks for the love + sweet comments!

  • Saundra McClain - Absolutely love the colors with the pink and green. Great inspiration.

  • lisa - Wow! Your walls are AMAZING! I’m inspired to tackle my walls now…can’t wait!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura Winslow Photography - Thank you so much for your sweet words! 🙂

  • Grace - I freakin’ adore your house, Laura!! Every time I come over, my mood instantly brightens with all the fun photos and colors. It’s about time you featured your wall awesomeness here. And I have to say, I’m glad to see that I now recognize *all* of the cute kids on your stairway wall 😉

  • Sophie - Just came across your blog through the Savvy Photographer, and all i can say is WOW. So happy it’s Wednesday, and such a special Triple-W Wednesday indeed. Absolutely love your walls, and your family’s love and personality is so clear from the decor. Thanks for the inspiration, and will definitely be a regular follower even on other days of the week!! 🙂

  • amy lawrence - LOVE THESE ALL! You have inspired me to get printing…I tend to not print my own!

  • Marci J. - I LOVE what you have done with the free state printables! Thanks for sharing!! It’s exciting to see them in use! xo, Marci

  • Kristin Cook - Laura…seriously. How cute and creative are those frames you made out of trays!!!!!??!! I’m going to do my wall outside of my girls’ room w/ the cute quotes and pics 🙂

  • Laura Winslow Photography - Thank you for all of your sweet words! 🙂