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I am so excited to announce that I will be offering a“4 week critique” for photographers again in June through the Chic Critique Forum! Registration is now open and space is very limited, so be sure to head over and reserve your spot now. Read my interview with the Chic Critique Forum and find out more about what a “4 week critique” is and how it can help you and your images.

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Register for the “4 Week Critique” | HERE

From The Chic Critique Website:

What is Chic Critique Forum?
The Chic Critique Forum is focused on providing candid critique for photographers. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned photographer, Chic Critique Forum is the place to be when you are ready to step it up. Our forum members are strongly encouraged to offer at least one suggestion to every image they choose to comment on. Members can also rate each other’s images using a star scale of 1-5. Also, members can sign up for our exclusive “4-Week Critiques” with any of our Celebrity Photographers. Join a creative community of aspiring and inspiring photographers who share honest critique.
What is a “4-week Critique”?

A “4-week Critique” is a private class where forum members simply post images once a week for 4 weeks and get critique from our Celebrity Photographers

  • Lessons & assignments are not given, simply critique
  • Each student posts once a week on Mondays
  • Celebrity Photographer responds to each student’s post within 6 days
  • Each 4-week critique starts the first Monday of every month
  • Each Critique will consist of 10-20 students depending on the Celebrity Photographer’s preference
  • A private classroom on the forum will be setup for each 4-week Critique
  • Offered exclusively to forum members & costs $69 per member per 4-week session.

I hope to chat with you soon! 🙂



Laura is a mother of two residing in the Arizona desert. She is fluent in Spanish and Toddler, believes that photo shoots with kiddos who love to run, climb stairs, play in rocks and giggle are some of the most fun, plans her next trip every week online (but only actually takes some of the trips), never met a container of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato that she didn’t love and has more ideas and dreams than time. Laura loves capturing that beautiful family photo where everyone is cuddled close and looking at the camera, but adores capturing the in-between, sacred moments even more.
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