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Top Five Photo Editing Apps 1024x1024 Top Five Photo Editing Apps :: InstaThursday :: Laura Winslow Photography

>>>>PicTapGo App | $1.99 | iPhone | From the creators of Totally Rad Actions comes PicTapGo, and they had me at Detroit. Seriously. The Detroit black and white filter is flippin’ raaaad. Makes this addicted-to-color girl feel like a funky ol’ Ansel Adams. Yeahhh, right. But, still, a gal can dream, right? Try it. Like yesterday. This is by far my fave–it’s like they went inside a photographer’s head…oh, wait, they ARE photographers. So, they ARE inside our brains and they GET it!

PicTapGo app Laura Winslow Photography2 Top Five Photo Editing Apps :: InstaThursday :: Laura Winslow Photography

>>>>A Beautiful Mess  | $.0.99 | | iPhone, not yet available for Android users but they are working on it! |

The perfect app for the artsy, whimsical, photographer/scrapbooker/slambook-er/dreamer. Let’s you transform your photos with good quality and truly cool fonts (yeah, I’m a font snob) and word art and doodles complete with arrows, hearts and all things mod, AND THEN you can still even change colors. Yeah! Head HERE for even more illustrations of how you can use the A Beautiful Mess app. Just don’t forget about dinner. Or that you have children. Or a life outside your phone. Hehe. Just kidding. Kind of.



>>>>Whitagram | Free | Okay, this isn’t really photo EDITING, but it is still a big part of my phone editing flow. While PicTapGo can already do this if you want it to, for those times when you are editing an image outside of PicTapGo, Whitagram comes to the rescue. Makes your non-instagram sized images all pretty and such with the full image on a white background that fits into Instagram. Purrrdy.


>>>>More Beaute2 | Free | Caveat: Like the Imagenomic Plugin for Photoshop, Portraiture, this app has the (very high) potential to go bad. fast. PLEASE, please, folks, use this app with a sparing hand and do a girl a favor + keep all noses present and visible in the photos.  I know, I know, who likes a wrinkly face all posted up on Instagram? Not me, girlfriend. Hoooowever, I also am not fond of looking plastic and ghost-like. Are you? I have provided an example of just what I am talking about below–the first photo is the original, the middle is my happy More Beaute2 spot, and the third photo is More Beaute turned NO Beaute. See? Do I only have one nostril? No wrinkles, but also no face, either. K, that’s my PSA for today, lovelies. Oh, and don’t you just luuurve saying More Beaute? Kinda like saying it as much as I like referring to that fab Bullseye store as Tar-jay. You know the one, the store that somehow sucks $100 out of my wallet when I just went in for shampoo. Oh, your wallet, too?


VSCO Cam | $0.99 | Truthfully, I used this app a lot more before PicTapGo came on the scene, but it is still a lovely app for clean, crisp and moody edits of your phone photos.



Laura is a mother of two residing in the Arizona desert. She is fluent in Spanish and Toddler, believes that photo shoots with kiddos who love to run, climb stairs, play in rocks and giggle are some of the most fun, plans her next trip every week online (but only actually takes some of the trips), never met a container of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato that she didn’t love and has more ideas and dreams than time. Laura loves capturing that beautiful family photo where everyone is cuddled close and looking at the camera, but adores capturing the in-between, sacred moments even more.
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  • Tish - Thanks for this post!!! I use some of these but not all. Looking forward to trying them out!

  • Sophie - These all look so awesome. Can’t wait to try them out!!

  • seny - These are cool! Will give whitegram and more beaute2 a try..Thanks!

  • Laura Winslow Photography - You’ll love them! 🙂

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