Rocksbox Jewelry + the Fairy Godmother

IMG 1530 Rocksbox Jewelry + the Fairy Godmother

Rocksbox jewelry subscription

If Netflix + Birchbox somehow were to spawn a baby business, it would result in the yumminess that is Rocksbox. It’s every fabulous girl’s dream. Pretty, shiny + delivered to your doorstep every month. They had me at wish lists + personal jewelry stylist, people.

When you join Rocksbox (use code laurawinslowxoxo to get your first month free to try it out!), you begin by filling out a super simple style questionnaire online so your stylist can get an idea as to what kind of jewelry you dig. From there, you can create wish lists. In just a few days, 3 delicious pieces of designer jewelry show up at your door in the cutest packaging ever, complete with a personalized note.

Simply wear your jewelry for the month, and if you fall in love, you can choose to purchase one or all of the items, or return them. Once you do, like a fairy Godmother, your Rocksbox stylist sends three more bangin’ pieces to your doorstep for your wearing pleasure.

It’s heaven.

Head HERE to take it all in, and if you are interested, I would love you to use my code (laurawinslowxoxo) to get your first month free! If you do, I also get a little somethin’-somethin’, because that’s just how rockin’ Rocksbox is, ya know? 😉

 Rocksbox Jewelry + the Fairy Godmother
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